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Melbourne Australia


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Where to experiment BDSM in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city that offers you a wide variety of entertainment. It allows you to enjoy sports like football and cricket. You can also delight on art and culture and taste the most delicious specialties at top restaurants. However, it also holds certain pleasures for the most daring. Let your audacious escorts prepare for you an adventure that you will never forget.

Dare to discover new exciting sensations

Love and sex are ways to relate to others that somehow are based on power and resistance. As you probably have experienced more than once with your stunning escort from EROS, emphasizing power to the extreme can become a very exciting adventure.

The practice known as BDSM which involves submission, discipline, dominance and masochism is the favorite of at least 30% of American adult population of United States according to recent surveys.

Sandra LaMorgese is a renowned sex therapist and professional dominatrix who has been providing proficient advice in regards to this practice as acquainted escorts will inform you. According to her expertise, BDSM is not only a practice of power, but a lifestyle which can increase levels of excitement during each intimate encounter.

Let your audacious companion take you through unexplored paths of pleasure

Generally, as a dominatrix, your daring escort from https://www.eros.com/ becomes a figure of authority which imposes all the fear and respect you are seeking. In simple words, she offers you the chance to live a fantasy on which you are dominated by a highly attractive woman with a strong personality. She controls the situation throughout the entire experience.

If you stop to think about it, there are many circumstances on which this situation naturally takes place. For instance, when you are in the presence of a policewoman or a female boss, you are conditioned to their authority. It could happen even on a situation as crazy as being with a supervillain.

You only have to apply the same principles to the service provided by your dazzling escort as a dominatrix. She has the skills and expertise required to make you enjoy this new kind of experience. Because she is aware that an intimate encounter is much more than penetration. She also knows that sexual attraction does not always have to end with the both of you naked in bed doing the same thing all the time.

Your stunning companion will surprise you with new costumes and stories on every new encounter. She has a unique imagination which will give you access to certain forms of intimate satisfaction that you will not enjoy with anyone else.

However, as important as costume is the environment which should be appropriate to bring your fantasies to life. Let your spectacular escorts take you to licensed Dungeons in Melbourne where you will be able to enjoy the best of BDSM.

Each room of a Dungeon is properly decorated to create an erotic atmosphere where your delicious companions can show you many techniques of domination.

The effect produced by the Dungeon environment will be reinforced by the outfit of your striking escorts. Their costumes should suggest an idea of power and dominion which should be easily projected combined with explicit body language.

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